US Immigration Process at The Airport | Questions | Time Taken

US Immigration Process at The Airport | Questions | Time Taken

What is the US Immigration Process ?

The US immigration Process is conducted by Customs and Border Protection officers at the Airport to inspect everyone entering the US.

If you are going to the US soon, this article will help you to understand the process.

My mom and dad recently visited the US for the second time. I asked my dad about the US immigration process at airport for Indians traveling from India so that it would be helpful if you are traveling to the US for the first time!

My parents left for the US from the Mumbai T2 Airport at around 9 PM as their Air India Flight was schedule to depart at 1:30 in the midnight.  Remember it takes a lot of time to collect the boarding pass as there is a huge queue. Leave early so that you can get yourself enough time for the entire process and probably don’t miss the flight.

Be sure that your baggage weight is not more than 23 Kg… otherwise they will ask you to transfer the items in another bag or pay extra charges for the same. In case of doubt, there might be screening of luggage. Make sure you don’t carry any unwanted things, you will end up spending time getting rid of them.

Once the security check and stamping on your boarding pass is done, you need to proceed for immigration process.

Keep your boarding pass and passport ready and since there are many counters, the time for immigration process will be less.

Start of the Immigration Process.

You would need to hand over the passport to the officer. He will be asking you to stand in front of a camera for your photo. Once they have your photograph, your finger prints will be taken.

US immigration Process Questions:

Officer will ask you the following questions:
1. The purpose of visit to the United States.
2. Return date
3. About the place where you will be staying in the US

Remember to avoid further questions, you would need to answer all the questions in a bold manner. Once the officer is satisfied with all your answers, he will put a stamp and ask you to move towards the boarding gate.

During boarding, the passport is checked once again and the  person on duty will also ask you about the purpose your visit to the US and the place at which you will be staying.

Once this is done, you can relax and enjoy your flight!

You are still not done yet!!

When the flight is about to land, the Flight’s Cabin Crew members will start distributing the immigration form which needs to be filled very carefully. Only one form per family is given.

Immigration Process at the US Airport.

After you land in the US, you would need to proceed towards the Immigration.

There are three counters A,B and C at the Immigration.
A – For those who are going for the purpose of Business.
B – For students
C – For Tourists.
Since, my parents went to the counter C where they were welcomed by the officer.
Similar procedure will be conducted – Your photo and finger prints will taken and following that, the Officer will ask you the same questions – Your purpose of visit, place you will be staying at etc. You are now allowed to exit the Airport.

My parents were told that, it might take a lot of time to complete the immigration process at the Airport in the US, but luckily they were done with the process within few mins.

This was all the information that I could share with you regarding the immigration process in the US, US immigration questions, time taken for the immigration process etc.

I hope you find this article useful. I would like to here from you more about the process in the comment section below, so do participate.


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