Things to do in Goa for a Solo Traveler.

Things to do in Goa for a Solo Traveler.

Heading towards to Goa ? Here are the list of things you could do in Goa with your friends, family or as a couple or even if you are a solo traveler. 

You can also watch my Goa Vlog before going through the list.U

1. Unwind Yourself At The Beach

Best Escape Anyone Can Have..  The beaches in Goa offer a cosy Vibe, no one really cares what you are wearing… I mean there is no one to judge you or question your attire…  you don’t have that freedom in other parts of the country…

Goa Beach

There are a lot of eateries around and if you are craving for something delicious, you have many options to choose from… so grab your food,head towards the beach and enjoy your evening watching the sunset. There are also a lot of shacks by the beach playing soothing music… book a place and unwind yourself…  By the way, you don’t necessarily need a shack to relax, you can find a place on the beach … where you can sit and have a nice and peaceful time.

2.  Rent a Scooter in Goa and explore !

Scooter ride across Goa is a thing that you should not miss out at any cost. Don’t book a luxurious car unless you are here with your Family … instead rent a scooter and explore the beauty of Goa…

You can easily get a scooter on rent from your Hotel and all you need is a valid driving license. They would charge you around 300 to 400 Rupees for 24 hours. You don’t need to pay any deposit, just pay the rent and submit your original document like Aadhar Card,Pan Card or a Passport. You would get a bike filled with some petrol which will help you to reach the nearest gas station. Fill the petrol, hop on to your scooter and explore the unknown…

3. Parasailing in Goa 

A holiday in Goa without Adventure ?? Nah…
Though there are plenty of water sports that you can do in Goa but Parasailing tops the list.

Tickets are available at the beach itself, the only thing is that you have to find those people on the beach who conduct Parasailing.

They offer you two kinds of rides

1) Deep and 2) No Deep.
Deep ride will cost 1200/- and No Deep ride will cost 800/-.

If you want the real experience,  I would recommend deep ride. So in deep ride what they do is, they dip you inside water couple of times… you get hit by the waves and then you go up in the air… and in No Deep ride, you will be directly going up in the air… that is the basic difference.

The bird eye view from the top is just astonishing. You can see the horizon and beautiful seashore of Goa.

Though you just stay up in the air for just a minute, but it is a one hell of an experience!!

4. Visit Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary 

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is a place where you can bring your little kids and family members.

If you are a wildlife lover or enthusiast in animals, birds and reptiles… then this place is definitely for you.

There are a lot of wild animals like Leopard, Crocodile,Elephant, Sloth Bears, Snakes, Hippopotamus, Palm Civet etc.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 60 Kms from Calangute Beach and it’s one of the most peaceful and tranquil place of Goa.

There are different entry fees for a four wheeler and a two wheeler. They will charge you additional, if you are carrying a camera. The charges depends on the camera you are carrying.

It’s not just about the wildlife… its about the place… and if you are visiting in monsoon it would a cherry on the cake.

So these were my Top “4 Things to do” in Goa.

Please feel free to add your top thing in the comment section below. If we like your selection, we would add it on our list 🙂


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