Wake up call for the city of Mumbai |The struggle of Mumbaikars |Mumbai Rains

Wake up call for the city of Mumbai |The struggle of Mumbaikars |Mumbai Rains

The Struggle of Mumbaikars.

Is anyone paying attention to the daily struggle of Mumbaikars? I don’t think so. I’m writing this article to draw your attention towards Mumbai.

Today, the population of Mumbai is 20,185,064 with a growth rate of 1.11 % according to this report.

Migration is serious issue and the media isn’t really talking about it. Millions of people are still migrating to Mumbai in search of better job and business opportunities.

Ever wondered where are these people are coming from? where do they live? and what do they do ? Do we even have a track record of these people? May be we don’t and It’s very difficult for the Mumbai Police too to maintain a track record.

According to the law, people are free to work and live anywhere in India, but is it right to overburden a state or a city which is already facing a lot of problems ?

The Crumbling Mumbai

Traveling in Mumbai local train is a nightmare during the rush hours! Hundreds of people get killed every year in Local Train Accidents.

The Rush Hours !

Have a look at video, this is what Mumbaikars have to deal with everyday when they leave for work. Who deserves such a life?

Government of Maharashtra is certainly creating a mode of transport in the form of Metro which will still not be sufficient to accommodate the growing population.

2017 Mumbai Stampede

Overcrowded Foot -over bridge occupied by Hawkers, railways stations led to death of 22 innocent people.

Even after two years, there has been no significant improvement or enhancement in railway infrastructure.

FOBs are still overcrowded with less officials to manage the crowd.

FOB collapsed Near CST Railway Station

In the month of March, a FOB collapsed near CST Railway Station resulting to death of 6 People and injuring 31 – Report.

These two recent incidents are enough to say that Mumbai’s Infrastructure is crumbling and will not able to handle the growing influx of people.

Crumbling Healthcare System of Mumbai.

Recently, while I was talking with my doctor, I asked him about the condition of the Healthcare system in Mumbai. He is one of the most important member of Indian Medical Association.

According to him, the healthcare system is already collapsed. There are shortage of resources like beds, medicines, equipment etc. There is an urgent need to address this problem.

Mumbai Rains

Every year, we are given promises that Mumbai is prepared for Monsoon! But its the same story every year.

Trees are falling, water logging in most part of the city, Walls are collapsing, Potholes menace… every year we have the same problem!

Mumbai gets rainfall for 2-3 months every year and we have at least 7 to 8 months of time to prepare for wrath of monsoon.

I really don’t know when this problem of Mumbai will be addressed Seriously.

Slum dwellers who settled besides the Nalas are also responsible for water logging. They throw their waste into the rivers flowing through the Nalas. This leads to water logging every damn year. There is a need to educate these people…

The Govt. needs to address the issue of migration and come out with a solution that will reduce the burden on the City.

The Govt of other states should also create job and business opportunities in their respective states, so that people don’t leave their families and search for opportunities in different states.

Being a Mumbaikar, I love this city and see the people suffering is really painful. This article was just to share the sufferings of Mumbaikars and is not intended to hurt any sentiments.

Consider a Mumbai like a 1 BHK apartment and 500 people living in it. You will understand what I’m trying to say via this article.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this article as well.


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