There are very few places in India where you can do Scuba Diving and Tarkarli is one of them. Scuba Diving in Tarkarli is one of the best and cheapest in India.

So, let me share with you my first ever Scuba Diving experience at Tarkarli.
Me and my school friends… every year plan a small vacation and head out to a new place. We all decided that this time, we will go to Tarkarli and do Scuba Diving.

As the visibility inside the water is clear when the sun is right at the top, which is at 12 PM, we decided that the next day… we will finish all the water sports activities like banana ride, parasailing, Jet ski ride etc before 12 PM and then go for Scuba Diving at 12 PM.

We got a great deal or a package which included all the water sports, dolphin safari and scuba diving as well. We got this amazing deal at just Rs.2500.

All the water sports are conducted at Tsunami Island and Diving is done near the Tarkarli Beach.

So after completing all the water sport activities we headed towards Tarkarli Beach.

Me and my friends with our Scuba Diving Instructors.

Scared and excited we were all waiting at the Tarkarli Beach.

Soon our amazing Instructors took us on a boat to the scuba diving point.With the mindset of getting some kind of training like the one in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, we were just given some basic training on hand gestures to be used under the water.

When we reached the diving spot, the instructors gave us the life jacket and other scuba diving equipment.

Instructors had to train us to breath with the diving regulator. Once the training got over, they took us down one by one inside the ocean.

Getting ready for Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving at Tarkarli

To get the real feel of our diving experience, check out this video.

It was life changing experience for all of us. There is a different world under sea with exotic species of fishes and coral reefs.

Note: Dept : 15-20 Feet
Time: 20-25 Mins.

Probably, Tarkarli is the best place for beginners to start of with scuba diving.

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