Is Kuldhara Village Haunted and Cursed ?

Is Kuldhara Village Haunted and Cursed ?
Kuldhara - The Hunted village in Jaisalmer

History behind the haunted village Khuldhara

Is kuldhara village haunted and cursed ? To answer this question let us first know about the history of Kuldhara Village.

Kuldhara is in the district of Jaisalmer and Jaisalmer to Kuldhara distance is approximate 27 Kms.

The Haunted village in Jaisalmer (Kuldhara) is considered to be one of the most Haunted places in India.

There are different stories of Kuldhara Village like the story of Paliwal Brahmins, dwindling of water supply and the Earthquake which destroyed lot of homes in the Village.

Kuldhara Village

The story of Paliwal Brahmins is the most accepted and said by the locals.

Salim Singh fell in love to a beautiful girl and wanted the villagers to hand over the girl to him.

One night the Minister sent his guards to force the villagers to hand over that girl.

The Villagers fearing the consequences, told the guards to come the next morning. The entire village decided to abandon the village to save themselves and the girl from the cruelty of the Minister.

While leaving the Village, they cursed the town saying that no one would be able to be settle down in this village again.

And now even after so many years, the village remains abandoned.

The abandoned Village of Khuldara
Khuldara Haunted Village

Is Kuldhara Haunted and Cursed or Just Rumors?

With this reason in mind, I visited this place with my friends on 15th Feb 2019.

We came across two different locals who live inside the village. Yes you read it right!!

The locals claimed to have been living inside the village for a while.So we started asking questions about the village and we specifically asked them if they saw any paranormal activity in the village.

To this they said that, they see shadows, hear whispers and other weird sounds during the night but during the day its calm and quiet, one does not feel or get those kinds of negative vibes or feel those energies during the day.

If they could see the shadows or hear the whispers during the night, were they not afraid? We asked.

To this they replied that they do get frightened at times but now they are slowly getting used to it. They try to ignore the whispers and noises during the night.

And they also believe that the spirits harm only those who react to the paranormal activities.

Exploring the Cursed Kuldhara Village

After listening to their side of the story, we went inside the broken and damaged houses just to explore. We couldn’t sense any of those energies.

I wonder if all the rumors like Kuldhara the Haunted Village, The Ghost Village of India, the cursed Village are true.

Surprisingly, there is a Temple inside the village.

Temple inside Kuldhara Village
Temple inside Kuldhara Village

One member of Indian Paranormal Society claimed to have observed paranormal activities at the site. The 18-member team of the Society along with 12 other people spent a night at the village. They claimed to have encountered moving shadows, haunting voices, talking spirits, and other paranormal activities.

And if you ask me about what I feel about the village, I may not be able to make a statement because I haven’t been there during the night and I haven’t experienced any paranormal stuff, but the locals have experienced as they claim.

Being claimed as the second most haunted place in India and all the stories related to it, the haunted village near Jaisalmer, The Kuldhara Village is worth visiting. Damaged houses say a lot of about the history behind the abandoned village.

Kuldhara Video : Ghost Prank

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