Ganpatipule Temple | Best Resorts To Stay | How To Reach |Guide

Ganpatipule Temple | Best Resorts To Stay | How To Reach |Guide

Ganpatipule is one of the major tourist destination in Maharashtra attracting thousands of tourist every year. Many come here to visit the famous Ganpatipule Temple and to enjoy the exquisite beaches. If you are one of the tourist heading towards Ganpatipule Temple, this article will help you plan your trip.

How to Reach Ganpatipule From Mumbai.

One can reach Ganpatipule by taking a bus, taxi or a private car from Ratnagiri Railway Station. So if you are traveling from Mumbai, I would recommend you to travel by the super fast Tejas Express which departs early in the morning from Mumbai.

Station Code Station Name Arrives  Departs
CSTM Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus    5:00
DR Dadar Central 5:08 5:10
TNA Thane 5:13 5:35
PNVL Panvel Junction 6:06 6:08
RN Ratnagiri 10:15 10:20

Tejas Express leaves Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus exactly at 5:00 AM. This train has an automatic door, and the doors will exactly get closed at 5:00 AM. Therefore make sure you reach on time, because with Tejas Express, you don’t have opportunity to recreate the famous scene from the movie DDLJ .

Even though the tickets of Tejas Express are little expensive, I would recommend you to travel by this Train for the following Reasons.

  1. It has just 3 stops before Reaching the Ratnagiri Railway Station and thus reducing your travel time significantly.
  2. The Train has excellent on board services.
  3. Hygienic Food.
  4. Incredible view from wide windows. 
  • Tejas Express
  • Tejas Express Food
  • Tejas Express Seating Arrangement
  • Mumbai to Ratnagiri

If you are low on budget then don’t worry, there are many other trains .
You can book them here.

Ratnagiri to Ganpatipule

Once you reach the Ratnagiri Railway Station, you can catch a bus, or book a private car to reach Ganpatipule.

Ratnagiri to Ganpatipule Distance is 30 Kms and it will take 1 hour to reach Ganpatipule.

Journey from Ratnagiri Railway Station to Ganpatipule is exotic and trust me, you will enjoy every moment of this small journey.

Exotic view En-route Ganpatipule from Rantagiri Railway Station

Ganpatipule Hotels or Resorts To stay

There are plenty of resorts near to the Ganpatipule Temple. But I would recommend you, Blue Ocean Resort and Spa which is just 5 kms away from the famous Ganpatipule Temple.

During my visit to Ganpatipule, I stayed at Blue Ocean Resort and had a wonderful experience. The resort is connected to a beautiful beach. You can hop on to the beach anytime to see the sunrise or the sunset, or just stroll on the beach during the night and count the stars.

Check out my Vlog to Ganpatipule Temple and my stay at Blue Ocean Resort.

The best part of the resort is the delicious food which was served to us. The hospitality was just amazing, the staff was humble and took care of our needs.

MTDC Resort – Ganpatipule

MTDC resort is just a minute walk from the Ganpatipule Beach and the Temple. Since I haven’t stayed at MTDC resort before, I won’t be able to give you a review… but If you are looking for place near to the Temple, The MTDC resort is the one.

Check out other resorts and hotels at

1. MakeMyTrip

Shree Ganpatipule Mandir

  • Ganpatipule Temple
  • Ganpatipule Temple
  • Ganpatipule Temple
  • Ganpatipule Mandir

Ganpatipule Mandir has a great substance in the Hindu Culture.

During weekdays the temple would be less crowded and is considered to be an ideal time to visit.

During the weekends, specially during the summer vacations, the temple is crowded and has huge queues for entering the temple.

Note that – Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple. You can carry the camera inside but you won’t be allowed to click photos.

Ganpatipule Pradakshina

Devotees usually take a Pradakshina (Walk in circle around the temple) when they visit the Ganpatipule Mandir.

The Pradakshina is around the Hill and not around a temple. It would take 30 mins to complete.

Ganpatipule Pradakshina Mandit
The sacred Ganpati Idol

There is a small Temple on the top of the Hill. It is said that the Ganesha Idol had emerged from the ground and therefore is considered to be more sacred.

Places to visit near Ganpatipule

  1. Malgund
  2. Pawas
  3. Jaigad Fort
  4. Velneshwar

Now that you have all the necessary information, pack your bags and head towards the Gantipatipule Mandir. If you have any questions or queries, do let me know in the comment section below.


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